Sustainable Urbanization and Sustainable Energy Construction (Completed)

Background and Objectives


Pakistan is considered the most rapidly urbanizing country in Asia and within the next 25 years it is expected that additional 100 million people will become urban dwellers, most of them moving into secondary cities and towns increasing the already large proportion of slums. There is an urgent need for improving urban management and urban planning, what have been neglected despite the negative trends affecting the neediest sectors of the society. This project was requested by the Ministry of Environment of Pakistan and it is a component of the One UN Joint Programme in the country.


It aims improving lives and living conditions in secondary cities setting up mechanisms for community participation in urban planning; reinforcing municipalities for better service delivery, and improving urban indicators implementing demonstrative projects through public private partnerships, community contracting and other delivery systems. The project also aims developing energy efficient technologies on housing construction.


  • Preparing urban profiles and setting-up urban observatories.
  • Preparing community action plans, designing and implementing slum upgrading.
  • Designing demonstrative priority projects, define/agree on PPP, community contracting and other delivery systems.
  • Assessing energy saving on housing: and prepare and conduct energy saving assessment.
  • Implementing demonstrative energy-saving projects on energy saving on construction and thermal isolation.
  • Conducting training of relevant stakeholders.
  • Promoting Public Private Partnership on solid waste recycling and management and conduct consultations for Public Private Partnership promotion.


  • Final report of Energy Insulation project (19 houses) has been completed. This project was implemented in Islamabad. After reviewing the results additional resource mobilization strategy is to be developed to replicate the same in other areas.
  • MOU with NED University Karachi has been finalised for setting up an Urban Observatory. The MOU also covers holding of stakeholder consultation and a training component

Development Partners / Partners

Donor: One UN Fund

Partners: Eight secondary cities in four provinces: Baluchistan, KPK, Punjab and Sindh