Documenting and Communicating Results Achieved and Lessons Learnt in the Post 2005 Earthquake Rural Housing Reconstruction Programme

Background and Objectives


Following the 2005-earthquake, the Government of Pakistan (GoP), with the assistance of the World Bank launched an ambitious Rural Housing Reconstruction Program. This programme has been unique in a number of ways, from the owner-driven reconstruction concept underpinning it to the many milestones achieved early in its implementation. The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan adopted an owner-driven approach for the post earthquake rural housing reconstruction process. Individual families rebuilt their homes assisted by Government grants. It is critical that the program principles, achievements, implementation challenges, and lessons learnt are documented in a manner that can form ready reference materials for similar future post-disaster initiatives.


The proposal is for systematic documentation of lessons learned from RHRP wit the key objective to assist the Government of Pakistan in strengthening disaster preparedness at the national level, and improving the quality and impact of post-disaster management, recovery, and reconstruction programmes.


  • Detailed Analysis of strategic principles, conceptual and policy frameworks, implementation processes and mechanisms, of the post-earthquake Rural Housing Reconstruction Programmme.
  • Deduction, documentation and dissemination of results and lessons learnt from the achievements and challenges of implementation of the RHRP.
  • Application and utilization of the lessons learnt in the design and implementation of future housing reconstruction programs in particular, as well as overall reconstruction programs in general.
  • Development of a best practice toolkit for informing future Government and Bank-supported disaster management, response, and reconstruction interventions in the country and elsewhere, with a special emphasis on the shelter and housing sector.


  • The document is under preparation. To date eight chapters have been completed and sent to the World Bank for review. Reference material and other documentation have also been collected to finalise the document.

Development Partners / Partners

Donor: World Bank

Partners: The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), World Bank