Reconstruction of Girls School in Swat District (Completed)

Background and Objectives


The military operations in the Federally Administered Tribal Agencies (FATA) and North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan and the consequent displacement of households and communities from their areas of origin, has resulted in destruction of their settlements. According to Provincial Education authorities of NWFP the total of fully and partially damaged schools in NWFP is 416 schools, out of which 231 are totally destroyed and 185 are partially destroyed. Of these, 147 of the 231 fully damaged schools are girls schools and 65 of the 185 partially damaged schools are girls schools. The Government is focused on public infrastructures such as schools although the reconstruction effort will take years before being completed. Investments in infrastructure provision for girls education would speed up the re-start of normal life in affected communities and support the badly affected education sector, especially for girls.


The goal of the project is to reconstruct one Government Primary Girl School in Kanju village, Kabal, Swat District, according to PDMA/PaRRSA requirements.


The main activities are the following

  1. Coordination with PDMA/PaRRSA and local DCO for identification of primary school to be reconstructed.
  2. Initial site survey.
  3. Identification of the suitable engineering firm to design the school
  4. Soil analysis and preparation of the design according to NWFP, PDMA/PaRRSA design and international standards
  5. Approval of the school design from PDMA/PARSSA
  6. Bidding for identification of local suitable contractor
  7. Contract with local contractor
  8. Visiting regularly the site from UN-HABITAT office in Mingora, Swat
  9. Completing physical works
  10. Liaising with Education Cluster to identify partners to provide school equipment
  11. Handover of the school to Education Department through PaRRSA.

The design of the Girls School will take gender considerations into account and cater for the special needs of girls in the cultural context of the Swat Valley.


  • NOC (green signal) has been provided by Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)
  • Soil testing and detail site plan has been completed
  • Draft structural design has been submitted by the consultant, it has been forwarded to PDMA for approval.
  • Pre-qualification of contractors for construction bidding have been completed.

Development Partners / Partners

Donor: Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Partners: Provincial Government of NWFP, PDMA/PaRRSA, Local Government of Swat District