Primary School Reconstruction in Muzaffarabad (Completed)

Background and Objectives


The 8 October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan devastated an area of 30,000 killing over 73,000 people and 63,000 houses and over 5,300 schools were destroyed. The reconstruction process is recognized as an opportunity to ‘build back better’, by incorporating basic earthquake resistant techniques in all new or retrofitted houses, schools, services and urban centres. Principles, lesson, experience and capacity from the past two years reconstructing, rural houses will be used in this project by UN-HABITAT to reconstruct a primary school for girls endorsing the aspiration to ‘build back better’.


The overall goal of the project is to provide better and safer education facilities in the Earthquake affected area. The specific objectives of the project are;

  • To build a primary school technically sound and earthquake resistant.
  • To train construction workers and demonstrate earthquake resistant technology to community members.


  • Formalise allocation of site for the primary school in Muzaffarabad.
  • Establish linkages with ERRA Education, Provincial Education authorities and NESPAK.
  • Assess conditions and needs for the reconstruction of the school.
  • Prepare/Adapt designs, technical details, specifications and bill of quantities for the school reconstruction.
  • Obtain Construction approvals from local authorities and technical departments.
  • Conduct close supervision of field works during reconstruction phase.
  • Procure and install adequate furniture.
  • Training of local artisan and construction workers on site.
  • Demonstration of earthquake resistant technologies applied in he school reconstruction to community.


After successfully completing the construction of the school to earthquake resistant building codes and standards, the school has now been handed over to the department of education. The school is now operational, with well build facility that also includes provision of adequate water and sanitation facilities.

Development Partners / Partners

Development partner: BASF

Partners: ERRA Education, Provincial Education Authority, NESPAK, NAVTEC, TEVTA, UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, Government of Kashmir