Joint UN Post-Disaster Assessment Mechanisms (Completed)

Background and Objectives


Pakistan is a disaster prone country facing at least one emergency every year of different magnitude and nature. The IASC-led real time evaluation of the flood emergency response in 2007 highlighted the need for the UN in Pakistan to seriously improve its capacity of assessing and monitoring post-disaster situations. The lack of this capacity has led to lack of data according to which relief requirements could have been properly estimated. The objective of the project is to establish a core stand-by team for rapid disaster assessments called the multi-cluster rapid assessment mechanism.


The main activities include:
* A cadre of assessment staff trained for post-disaster assessment;
* Post-disaster assessment and reporting/mapping formats programmed;
* Assessment data collected, processed and transformed into reporting formats. Maps processed according to requirements;
* A website for dissemination of data established;
* A database featuring key baseline data for post-disaster response established.

Results (2008)

* Trained assessment staff;
* Functioning mapping and reporting mechanisms in place;
* Regular dissemination of data.

Development Partners / Partners

Development Partners: UNICEF