Integrated Resource Recovery Center A Step Towards Green and Clean Pakistan

Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC) Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC) is a decentralized community-based recycling and composting facility which can be built and operated at low costs by using limited mechanical technology, ensuring low operational costs and with minimal equipment breakdowns, while creating job opportunities. IRRC in Islamabad The first pilot IRRC in Pakistan was ...

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UN-Habitat launches Pakistan COVID19 Urban Slum Response Programme

Considering the gravity of the spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan particularly in the most vulnerable communities living in urban slums and informal settlements (Katchi Abadis), UN-Habitat launched ‘Pakistan COVID19 Urban Slums Response Programme’ (PCUSRP) with the objective to prevent spread of COVI19 in urban slums and empowering local communities to mitigate its economic impact. The ...

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