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Human Interest Story (Fighting with Sewage and Preventing Environmental Degradation…)


Fighting with Sewage and Preventing Environmental Degradation…


Nadeem Ahmed Behrani with sanitation workers

Like every other area of Jacobabad, Karimabad Muhalla has inadequate drainage and sewerage mechanism, resulting in not just serious health issues, but difficulties in commuting as well. Nadeem Ahmed Behrani, a 32 year old secretary of city forum and active general secretary of the Muhalla WASH committee for the UN-Habitat Urban WASH project, gained considerable insight of WASH services by participating in capacity building trainings.

Nadeem recognized that the Abdul Kareem Thaheem Road in Karimabad was one of the most commonly used routes, but it was disrupted by the improper drainage system resulting in overflowing drains and solid waste dump on the road, causing difficulty for the pedestrians. He gathered his community members and motivated them to donate a nominal sum of money towards repairing of the drainage system. Nadeem said, “If all community members donate a small amount towards improving the drainage condition of the disrupted road, I can work with the sanitary workers to fix the Abdul Kareem Thaheem Road. If we all work in unison, there is no task that we cannot achieve; we just need the right motivation.” All the Muhalla WASH Committee members donated some amount resulting in sufficient funds for Nadeem and his sanitation workers’ team to repair the drainage system of the Road. Now the community members can travel easily as it is free of filthy drainage water that had previously rendered the road useless. The residents of the Karimabad Muhalla are very happy with the interventions of the UN-Habitat Urban WASH Project team and its catalysing role in uniting all community members and the leading role played by Nadeem for the betterment of his Muhalla.

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