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HUMAN INTEREST STORY (Health and Hygiene Awareness Sessions in School…)


 Health and Hygiene Awareness Sessions in School…


Naila cleaning her school while other students watch

Naila belongs to an extremely poor family that does not invest in girls’ education and yet her mother stood up for her, against the wishes of her father, and ensured that her daughter gets the very basic human right – education. Naila got enrolled in grade 5 at Sofi Gulbahar School in Mochi Basti, but despite her love for knowledge, her attendance was never up to mark as she fell ill regularly, and even her grades were falling due to lack of attention towards her studies. She felt helpless and disappointed because she has to live up to the expectations of not just her parents, but all the females of the family look up to her for inspiration.

When the Urban WASH team visited Naila’s house in Mochi Basti, Jacobabad, the reason behind her bad health was revealed. The entire family had no concept of proper hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness and therefore frequently fell ill, and consequentially faced skyrocketing health expenditures. Hence, they were sensitized about the criticality of maintaining health and hygiene standards at home, and Naila was also made a part of the School WASH Club (SWC). After understanding her roles and responsibilities, Naila became an active member of the SWC and began disseminating hygiene information to other students and her community members as well. Naila says, “I had no idea how important it is to wash my hands with soap at critical times. Now my parents and siblings also wash their hands with soap and nobody in our family falls sick anymore. I attend school regularly and my entire life has changed.”

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