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Human Interest Story (Story of a Labor Lady…)

Human Interest Story

Story of a Labor Lady…

HIS - Rani Khatoon

Rani Khatoon with her children

Rani Khatoon, a 45 years old lady is living in Mohalla Garhi Sabayo, UC-02, Lashari Mohalla, Jacobabad, with a blind son and a daughter suffering from malaria. Rani Khatoon and her husband are desperately trying to make ends meet by working as laborers in a brick kiln owned by Rani’s brother. Mostly paid in kind of food, Rani cannot afford safe drinking water and yet has to spend 40 Rupees from the nominal income she receives to purchase two jerry cans of water daily.

When UN-Habitat team interviewed her, Rani said that, “we belong to a very poor family, my two children are under treatment and we cannot even afford their health expenses then how can we afford to purchase water. I have to pay 20 rupees for one jerry can and we need 2 jerry cans per day. Also, the donkey cart man has not come till now so I will have to go to my neighbor’s house to bring some water for cooking purpose.” Constantly threatened by water-borne diseases Rani burst into tears when she was asked to comment on her condition. Such dismal stories can be found in every other home of Jacobabad.

UN-Habitat Urban WASH team taught Rani and her husband that they do not have to give up on sanitation and drink contaminated water just because they do not have access to the facilities. They were sensitized about how to maintain hygiene with whatever little resources they had and were taught of methods to clean the accessible water for regular usage in household such as washing dishes, bathing, cleaning etc. Today, Rani’s daughter’s health has improved and she is thankful to the UN-Habitat Urban WASH team for the timely intervention and improvement in their lives.

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