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Human Interest Story (Abdullah Magsi)

Abdullah Magsi: A Hero for Darkhan Muhalla…


Abdullah Magsi sensitizing community residents about health and hygiene

When the high rain floods of 2012 devastated the Jacobabad District, it caused widespread displacement. Flooded fields with up to 2 (and in some 5) feet of water, tents lining the roadways, and multiple shelter-less individuals seeking refuge in one tent was a common sight.

The severity of the situation called for the very basic facilities: food, water, sanitation, reconstruction support, and health care. Many civil society organizations were working for the rehabilitation of these people but their efforts translated into success when leaders from the local community stepped up to take charge and fix their conditions.

Abdullah Magsi was one of these leaders who stepped up from the Darkhan Muhalla to help his people. A hero in disguise of a normal man, Abdullah warmly welcomed the Urban WASH Project in his Muhalla, and was nominated as General Secretary for Muhalla Wash Committee and for WARD committee. As in the midst of the destruction, maintaining normal hygiene levels was a big challenge, Abdullah ensured that his community members were aware of the challenges and were motivated enough to take all possible steps to reduce environmental pollution, especially solid and liquid waste. He gets up early in the morning and visits every street where he convinces the people to dump waste properly. He regularly meets the TMA staff for cleanness of the Muhalla on a fixed schedule.  It is because of his leadership, and proper guidance by WaterAid, that today the Darkhan Muhalla is neat and clean. Abdullah claims that, “Before this (WASH Project) we never had a platform to mobilize the community for the betterment of the Muhalla.”

The residents of the community whole-heartedly praise him and thank him for his hard work. Abdullah Magsi has forever become a hero for Darkhan Muhalla.

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